Reliable condition monitoring of continuous furnace deflection rolls

Customer benefits

  • Savings potential: Up to 179,000 Euro
  • Prevent unplanned system downtimes
  • No costly production downtimes
Steel and non-ferrous metals
Furnace deflection rolls
Product solution:
Online Condition Monitoring System
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Continuous furnace LM1 has 7 deflection rolls supporting the running of the steel belt and its tensioning. Factors such as imbalance, excessive clearance or the fracture of a feather key can cause these rolls to fail. Damaged bearings or housings can lead to an immediate standstill of the continuous furnace an result in a significant loss of production. In order to avoid such undesirable events, ArcelorMittal’s maintenance department was therefore looking for a suitable solution to switch over from corrective maintenance to predictive condition monitoring.



Schaeffler developed an innovative service concept for the condition monitoring of all critical components of the continuous furnace. The solution comprises 14 SmartCheck systems for the permanent monitoring of roll oscillation. A SmartController acts as a bidirectional gateway between the customer’s control system and the sensors of the SmartCheck. The use of Power over Ethernet (PoE), which ensures both the power supply of the system and communication with the ArcelorMittal monitoring station, has minimized the amount of cabling.

Special features of the project

Special features of the project

By using the condition monitoring system, the customer receives information about possible failures at an early stage and can thus carry out suitable maintenance measures in good time. This solution is also suitable for other machines at the plant.



The AcelorMittal plant in Mouzon (Ardennes, France) is part of the Group’s Flat Products division. From here, the steel company supplies not only all major automobile manufacturers but also customers in the construction and household appliances industries. In Mouzon, an aluminum-based coating is applied to the coils supplied by the Group. Two coating units are in operation making the finished products.

Continuous furnace deflection rolls
Continuous furnace deflection rolls
Visualization of alarm system: 1 = Value OK / 2 = Early warning
Visualization of alarm system: 1 = Value OK / 2 = Early warning
Control cabinet with SmartController
Control cabinet with SmartController

Our solution products

SmartCheck from Schaeffler

The SmartCheck from Schaeffler is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous monitoring of machinery and process parameters on a decentralized basis.

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